Sawaddee March!

March is a significant month to me in a couple of ways. One, it is my birth month, and two, it is also going to be my baby's birth month! (Unless he decides to show up early in the next two days.) For all we know he and I could end up with the same birthday!

So with baby coming, I wanted to let you all know what my plan is for my "mat leave." So please read on below.

P.S. In Canada we are so blessed to have 1 year of paid maternity leave, but because I am self-employed, this sadly doesn't apply to me. In any case, don't worry, I'm not going to disappear for a year!
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I am 1 week away from my baby's due date as I write this newsletter, and we have finally wrapped up our last shoot a few days ago. Whew! I was afraid I wasn't gonna make it to that shoot! This means that I have a few more videos which have been filmed but not yet edited, so those will be coming out, but at a reduced frequency of 1 video every 2 weeks.

Some of you may know that I do all the video editing myself, so with baby it's gonna take me a little longer to get each video out, hence the reduced frequency.

Some weeks, instead of recipe videos, I plan on hosting a LIVE Q&A session, so we can stay in touch, and you can get any of your questions answered during that time. I can also introduce baby to you as well! To be notified of my Live Q&A via email: Make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel and turn on the notification bell too! If the timing of the livestream does not work for you, you can always watch the replay. :)

  • Explore Old Videos! Believe it or not I have over 500 videos in my library to date, so there are probably a bunch of videos you haven't seen. A great way to browse old videos is to check out my curated playlists on my YouTube channel, where videos are categorized in different ways. There are many great recipes from years ago!
  • Check out the World Map of Thai Grocery Stores! Did you know we have that resource on the website? If so, have you put down your store on the map? It'll really help our others in your area. Check out the map here!
  • Check out my List of Kitchen Tools and Ingredients. I get so many questions about my tools and ingredients, so I curated a list of things I use for your reference. These are affiliate links, so if you do buy something from going through these links, it'll support the show at no extra cost to you as well :) Check them out here!
  • Dig Deeper into Thai Cuisine with my Book. If you want to take your Thai cuisine knowledge to the next level, beyond what I cover in my YouTube videos, my cookbook is a great resource. It's more than a recipe book, in fact, half of the book is not recipes, but more of a handbook for a deeper understanding of Thai cuisine. If that's something that interests you, learn more about my book here.

Latest Episodes

Panang Curry Beef

Panang is a popular classic Thai curry with a rich and luscious peanut sauce over tender beef that is super quick to make. I also share how to make semi-homemade panang curry paste using store-bought red curry paste as a base. An easy, delicious, gluten-free weeknight meal! #panangcurry #thaicurry #hotthaikitchen #Thairecipe #beefcurry
A much loved Thai curry, and a very quick one! Plus a recipe for easy "semi-homemade" panang curry paste. Get the recipe

Spicy Chicken & Cucumber Stir-Fry

Cucumber challenge
Another ingredient challenge! Do you cook your cucumber? If not, check out this recipe and you'll start cooking them soon! Get the recipe

Fried Ice Cream w/ Pineapple Caramel

Super easy, 2-ingredient recipe for deep fried ice cream! Make this in advance and keep them in your freezer and you’ll have a delicious no-bake dessert ready in a few minutes. This is the Thai way of frying ice cream, using only sandwich bread as the crust, and it is SO delicious! #friedicecream #nobake #dessert #hotthaikitchen #deepfriedicecream
I learned this technique when I worked in a Thai restaurant and was shocked at how easy and yummy it was! The pineapple coconut caramel sauce is amazing as well! Get the recipe

Instant Pot Massaman Beef Curry

Make an authentic Thai massaman curry in a fraction of the time using the Instant Pot or another pressure cooker you have. Delicious, uncompromising Thai flavours on a week night! #massaman #thaicurry #instantpot #glutenfree #thairecipe
After many requests, I finally got an Instant Pot! This delicious Thai Massaman curry that would normally take 3 hours to make, took just 1 in the IP! Get the recipe

Tom Yum Pizza

Add some Thai flavours to your pizza with this Tom Yum Pizza recipe. Tart, bold flavours of lemongrass and lime, on an easy, flavourful homemade dough. And it only takes 5 minutes to cook this pizza! #hotthaikitchen #thaipizza #homemadepizza #tomyum
My favourite pizza ever. Thanks to Pizza Hut Thailand for introducing this to me!
Get the recipe

Kaeng Liang - Breast Milk Booster Soup!

Kaeng liang - Breast milk boosting soup
In Thailand, new moms a encouraged to eat a lot of this soup because it is believed to boost breast milk supply! But really, it's a yummy, healthy soup for everyone. Get the recipe

Easy Hainanese Chicken Rice

Easy Hainanese chicken rice recipe
This dish takes hours to make the traditional way, but here's a method that cuts the time down so you can make it on a weeknight, without compromising flavour! Get the recipe

Dim Sum Turnip Cake (Lo Bak Go)

Dim Sum Turnip Cake Recipe
I am honoured and excited to be sharing my mother in law's famous turnip cake recipe! It's a classic dim sum dish, and I've never had a version at any restaurant better than hers.
Get the recipe

Throwback: Lesser Known Noodles

Everyone is all about Pad Thai and Pad See Ew, but there are SO many other noodle dishes in Thailand that are lesser known but equally delicious (if not more...) and really deserve some more love. Here are a few for you to try!

Pink Noodles with Coconut Gravy

mee gati
I call this incredibly delicious and beautiful dish the "creamy sister of pad thai." Mee gati shares many of the same ingredients as pad thai, but is truly unique in that it has a rich coconut gravy poured over the pink noodles!
Get the recipe

Rice Noodles with Curried Meat Sauce

Guay Tiew Neua Sub
Bolognese sauce with Thai flavours...does that sound delish or what!? If you don't have the flat rice noodles, you can try substituting other kinds of noodles because the sauce works well on so many things!
Get the recipe

Fan Photos!

Thank you as always for submitting your beautiful creations! You can send these photos to me by posting them to the Hot Thai Kitchen Facebook page, tweet them at me @hotthaikitchen, or tag me on Instagram @hotthaikitchen.

NOTE: If you're posting photos on Instagram, please "tag" my account on the actual photos rather than just hashtagging or mentioning @hotthaikitchen in the caption. Due to how Instagram works, I might not see the hashtagged/mentioned posts, but I will definitely see the tagged ones.
fan photos Mar 2019 2018
Photo Credits:
Candied Cassava (from the HTK cookbook) by@cleine_007, Tom Yum Pizza by @still_hungry_dallas, Guay Tiew Kua Gai by @sarah_slimmed, Green Curry by Christian K., Caramel Custard Cake by Mai N., Coconut Duo Jelly by @Kisskisswoo