Sawaddee Peemai 2562!

Sawaddee Peemai! That's what we say in Thailand for "happy new year"! And in Thailand we are stepping into the year 2562!

Recapping 2018:
This has been a very exciting year...
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2018 Housekeeping Updates


I want to also recap some new housekeeping things that happened this year in case you missed it.
  • is getting absorbed into This is to simplify things for you, so you only have to go to one place for written recipes. Pai's Kitchen as a show will continue as usual.
  • I launched "Ingredient Challenge" as a new show format. We premiered our first episode this week, and it was great success! As much as I can, I will try to upload these as a "YouTube Premiere" which simply means we can watch the video together when it first airs and I will be able to live chat with you as we watch! Watch the first challenge here, and you can also see the live chat replay!
  • Patreon got a revamp this year. Now fans who support the show at $5/month now get early access to recipes, AND get a bonus "Show After The Show" where I share extra bonus content related to that week's video. Click here to find out more about Patreon. Supporters at all level also get discount to my merch store, and get response priority if you send me any questions!
  • I launched a merch store. I have cool T-shirts, aprons and coffee mugs that ship worldwide. Let me know if you have other design suggestions for future products! Check out the store here.
  • I am on This means you can request a personalized video message from me for someone :) Check it out here.

Latest Hot Thai Kitchen Episodes


Roasted eggplant with garlicky shrimp sauce uses only a few ingredients and can be cooked in 20 mins! The perfect weeknight healthy dinner! #eggplant #thaifood #japaneseeggplant #shrimprecipe #stir-fry
Eggplant + 5 additional ingredients + 20 minutes = A quick, delicious Thai dinner. What will I come up with? Watch me make this dish on camera for the first time on the new "Ingredient Challenge" episode!
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Thai Banana Pancakes (Banana Roti)

Thai banana pancake or “Thai roti” is a super popular street snack that is absolutely divine! Crispy, slightly chewy, buttery dough is filled with warmed bananas and topped with condensed milk. Nothing can beat it! #roti #thaipancake #thairecipe #thaibananaroti #thaistreetfood
Thai roti is one of THE most popular snacks/desserts amongst visitors to Thailand! Nowadays vendors offer so many different filling options like bananas, nutella, apples, etc. Here's how you make the dough at home to recreate those memories!
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Brussel Sprouts Thai-Style

Add a little Thai flavour to your holiday table with this veggie side dish recipe! Brussel sprouts like you've never had—perfectly al dente, tossed with a spicy, garlicky, Thai dressing. Guaranteed to brighten up your Christmas dinner table! #Christmasrecipe #brusselsprouts #holidayrecipe #veggiesidedish #thairecipe #glutenfree
Add a little Thai flavour to your holiday table with this incredible veggie side dish recipe! Cooked stove-top (no oven required!) until perfectly al dente, then tossed with a spicy, garlicky, iconic Thai dressing!
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BONUS EPISODE: Tips for Eating in France!

12 tips for eating in France
After my delicious trip to France, I compiled a list of tips for eating in this amazing culinary destination. Of course with some footage and photos to share as well.
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Latest Pai's Kitchen Episode

My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are by far the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made, and I’ve made a LOT in my life! The secret is in the “aging” of the dough. Crispy edges, chewy middle, just perfect. #cookies #chocolatechipcookies #christmasbaking #christmascookies #ediblegift #baking #chocolate
This is by far my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe, and trust me, I've made MANY a chocolate chip cookies in my life. Crispy and chewy, just how I like them :)
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Indonesian Mie Goreng

Mie goreng is a classic Indonesian dish that will please the family! Chewy egg noodles stir-fried in a sweet-salty sauce, with lot of crunchy veggies and juicy tomatoes. #easymeal #weeknightrecipe #eggnoodles #asianrecipe #indonesianfood
A classic indonesian dish that will please just about everyone in the family! Chewy egg noodles stir-fried in a sweet-salty sauce, with lot of crunchy veggies and juicy tomatoes. Easy, satisfying meal!
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Throwback: Thai Cocktails for 2019 New Year Countdown!

Thai Iced Coffee Cocktail

coffee cocktail sm
It's a drink and dessert rolled into one. If you like coffee and Bailey's, you are going to love this one with the extra darkness coming from Thai coffee!
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Spicy Kaffir Lime Cocktail

Infusing Thai herbs into alcohol is super easy, and this cocktail is just brimming with juicy mango flavours and my favourite kaffir lime aroma! Add a little Thai chili vodka for some kick if you prefer! Get the recipe

Fan Photos!

Thank you as always for submitting your beautiful creations! You can send these photos to me by posting them to the Hot Thai Kitchen Facebook page, tweet them at me @hotthaikitchen, or tag me on Instagram @hotthaikitchen.

NOTE: If you're posting photos on Instagram, please "tag" my account on the actual photos rather than just hashtagging or mentioning @hotthaikitchen in the caption. Due to how Instagram works, I might not see the hashtagged/mentioned posts, but I will definitely see the tagged ones.
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Photo Credits:
Agar Jelly Fruit Cake by @vandan05, Pad Gaprao Holy Basil Stir-Fry by @zenisfood, Crispy Chicken Skin by @jihaesketokitchen, Thai Banana Pancake by Stephen Chan, Homemade Sriracha by Charlotte Fredriksson, Thai Brussel Sprouts by Ed Littell