Sawaddee April!

The wait is over! We're delighted to welcome our baby boy: Kaan. I had a smooth and rather exciting delivery, and we both came out healthy and happy. Kaan is currently feeding like a champ, and loves to blow kisses!

Adjusting to parenthood has not been easy, no doubt, but with every difficult or frustrating moment, there are moments of overwhelming joy and love like I've never experienced before. And that makes it all worthwhile.
My Chinese mother-in-law has been making sure we have good nourishing food during this time, especially food believed to be good for new moms like ginger fried rice, black chicken soup, and papaya and barley soup (papaya is believed by the Chinese to boost milk production).

I haven't cooked for a month, which is the longest I've ever gone without cooking, but I really have had no time or energy, and had it not been for friends and family who always bring food when they visit, we would've been living off of meal delivery service alone!
However, I am finally beginning to feel settled, both in terms of my physical recovery and figuring out a routine with a newborn. So last night I cooked for the first time! I made pan-seared kale to go with my frozen chili which I made before baby. Yes, I know, I only made a vegetable side dish, but hey, baby steps! Oh I also fried an egg at some point in the past week. #smallvictories

P.S. If you want to see more baby photos, I share them in my Instagram Stories.
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Photo Credits:
Thai-Style Brussel Sprouts by @restinghungryface; Mocha Toffee Cake by @cheryll.hart; Mango Coconut Agar Jelly by @mangopickle3; Hainanese Chicken Rice by @provisionlab; Papaya Salad by @lemongrassandbaesil; Crispy Garlic Chives Dumplings by tofoodieventures