Sawaddee August!

Hello! This month I've got all sorts of videos for you! From the tour of a Thai Food Festival in Bangkok, to a documentary about rice production, to a LIVE tour of the Vancouver Thai Festival, and the usual recipe has been busy and exciting! I mentioned this in the live stream (see link to the recording below), but if you don't want to miss these Thai cultural events that might be happening in your city, make sure you get on the mailing lists of Thai organizations in your city. This could be the Thai consulate, Thai Trade Center, Thai temples, or perhaps a Thai association. If you live in a relatively big city with many Thai restaurants, chances are there's something nearby!
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News & Updates

  • My Cookbook Made the Shortlist! I'm in the final 5 for the Taste Canada Cookbook Awards in the category of cultural/regional cookbook—fingers crossed for the final result! Don't have the book yet? Check it out here!
  • I'm coming to Edmonton! This weekend is a long weekend in Canada and I am going to the Servus Heritage Festival as a "guest judge" for the best pavilion. This is a massive, multicultural festival full of food and art, which sounds deliciously fantastic. If you're going to the festival, look out for me and come say hello!
  • Officially launching KIT! My newsletter subscribers already got an early birds' look and gave me plenty of great suggestions (thank you for that!), and now I am ready to officially launch it to everyone! If you have ever wondered about tools, ingredients, or any other products I use on the show, check out my Kit page here with the list of all the stuff I use. And please keep the suggestions coming!

Latest Hot Thai Kitchen Episodes

LIVE Tour of the Vancouver Thai Fest!

LIVE Tour of the Vancouver Thai Fest!

Food, traditional dances, fruit carvings...this festival is a great way to get a glimpse of Thailand in one day. Watch the stream!
crispy tofu bites

Chili Garlic Tofu

These addictive little munchies are my newest obsession! Think the satisfaction of potato chips crossed with soft silky tofu...crossed once more time with fried garlic, with a kick of chilies! Get the recipe.
grilled pork jowl

BBQ Pork Jowl

When is comes to barbecuing, this recipe is an absolute classic. Pork jowl is a flat, grill-friendly piece of pork that is incredibly flavourful. Get the recipe!
rice farming

From Paddy to Table

My first mini documentary! A look at the journey Thai jasmine rice takes before it ends up on your store shelves. It was an incredible experience I am thrilled to share with you! Watch the documentary.
twice cooked chicken

Grandma's Epic Twice Cooked Chicken

This super yummy dish is a classic my grandmother makes for me every time i come home to Thailand! Get the recipe.
Durian sticky rice

Durian & Sticky Rice

A classic Thai dessert recipe, especially for durian lovers! A sweet coconut "broth" is poured over chewy sticky rice with creamy nuggets of durian...YUM! Get the recipe!

The Amazing Thai Taste Festival BKK!

A foodie heaven! The festival has booths from all sorts of vendors: street food, restaurants, even a cooking school! Watch the festival highlight.

Latest Pai's Kitchen Episodes

Baingan Bharta

Whenever I go to an Indian restaurant, this flavourful eggplant curry is always on my table. This easy dish has a soft, luscious texture that works well as a dip for bread or poured over rice. Get the recipe!

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