Sawaddee Peemai Thai!

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"Sawaddee Peemai Thai" means happy Thai new year! April 13-15 is the Thai new year or what we call "Songkran". You may have seen or heard about the big water fight that takes place during this time with people splashing buckets of water on each other on the streets. Foreigners from all over the world try to go to Thailand during this time to participate in this unique festivity.

However, these water fights are something that evolved out of a much less aggressive tradition. Traditionally, Songkran involves young people pouring water over the hands of your respected elders, usually parents and grandparents, as a gesture to show your thanks and appreciation for the love, care and support they have given to you throughout your life. The water also symbolizes the washing away of any wrongdoings and bad things that have happened over the past year, so you start the new year "clean". It's a lovely tradition that unfortunately has become forgotten by many, and now many people tend to focus only on the fun water fighting.

I love this aspect of Thai culture—recognizing and appreciating elders who have cared for you is so important in to us, and it shows up in many ceremonies such as Songkran and weddings among others. We even have a special word "gatanyu" which is a characteristic of one who remembers those who have been good to them and comes back to "return the goodness" when they can. Parents and grandparents are obviously people you have to be gatanyu to, but we also include teachers, mentors, or anyone else who have played a part in raising you into the person that you are today.

Are there any traditions in your culture that involves showing thanks and appreciation to respected elders? You can share them with me by responding to this email or get in touch via social media!

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