Sawaddee September!

Question of the month: Does this bother you? Here's the scenario: A new restaurant just opened in my neighbourhood. It's a local chain, a trendy sports bar with bass-heavy music that would appeal to young people. The kind of place that serves avocado toast. I checked out their menu, and to my surprise this decidedly non-Asian restaurant has about 30% "Asian items".

And by "Asian items" I just mean items with Asian ingredients on it. A "banh mi salad" with a Vietnamese vinaigrette (whatever that is...), a "dragon" bowl with teriyaki chicken, and something with "ginger rice" on it. And of course, a "Thai" item made the list: "sticky Thai wings with cilantro and nuoc cham." And at this point many of your might realize that nuoc cham is, in fact, a Vietnamese dipping sauce that doesn't exist in Thai cuisine, although I'm not sure the chef realizes that...

Things like this has always bothered me. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about embracing foods from around the world (obviously!), but it really bothers me when restaurants incorporate other cuisines' components into their food it in a way that is clearly just the easiest and most stereotypical thing to do, without having done any research. Like making a "Thai pizza" by putting peanuts and cilantro on it, or making an "Asian salad" with soy sauce in the dressing...topped with some mandarin slices and random crispy noodles.

And Thai people are guilty of it, too! In Thailand, when we have something German on the menu it's always a deep fried pork leg, or something American almost always means "drenched in cheese and served with ketchup."

It bothers me because it perpetuates stereotypes and creates a one-dimensional view of other people's cultures. It makes people think that Thai food = peanut sauce and sweet chili sauce, or Japanese food = teriyaki, or Vietnamese food = banh mi. (It also makes my job harder because I have to constantly explain to people that we don't put peanut sauce on everything!)

I wonder what your thoughts are on this and whether this is something that also bothers you? How do you feel when you see "your food" show up on a menu of a place that doesn't specialize in that cuisine?

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