Sawaddee (late) August!

Question of the month: When going to an ethnic restaurant, what would you rather have? Real authentic flavours BUT with many items that you don't like, whether it's because you find it too spicy, too weird, is an acquired taste you have not acquired...whatever the case maybe. Or would you rather go to a restaurant with more things that you like, but the truth is that it has been "toned down" for the local palate?

This is the struggle of many restaurant owners. Earlier this month I went to a Thai restaurant, and my friend who took me there said that they started out with funkier flavours (probably more fish sauce) but it looked like they had to tone it down because some customers didn't like it.

This frustrates me, for obvious reasons, but...can you blame them? If their goal is to make a living, and the clientele they have isn't digging the "real" stuff, isn't this the most sensible thing to do?

I think this is how Thai restaurants overseas started way back when Thai people started settling abroad. They made whatever local people would like, using ingredients they could access, with nothing too weird, too spicy, too strong, too...different. And the practice stuck. This is how people think Thai food is now. And this is why I'm on a mission to educate people on the real flavours of Thai food.

But I think today, at least in big cities with an ethnically diverse crowd, some restaurants have dared to refuse to water things down. Diners are becoming more adventurous and open-minded about food. People are starting to look for the "real stuff". I'm anxiously waiting for this to spread. Apparently Thai food in London is excellent, what about in your city?

What's the state of Thai food like in your city? Do you think it's still "toned-down"? Or are there some restaurants serving the real deal? Let me know!
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I'm finally making it out to Atlantic Canada! I'll be speaking at a 1-day conference put up by the Food Bloggers of Canada. I'm speaking only in Halifax, but the conference is taking place in 10 different cities across Canada so if you're in the country, there's sure to be one near you! Details here.

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