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What do Thai people eat for celebrations? Thanksgiving is a holiday that is coming up for us here in N. America. People always ask me, "Can you show us dishes that Thai people eat during celebrations?" And I feel like I disappoint them when I say...."we don't really have special celebratory food."

We don't have the equivalent of a Thanksgiving turkey, the Christmas roast beef, or the Easter ham. For special holidays we just eat...whatever we want! Isn't that the way it should be? I love the idea of a traditional meal actually, but I also know many people who don't like turkey or pumpkin pie, and who have had to endure it every year just because "this is just what you eat right now."

The one thing Thai people tend to do is that we eat more expensive dishes, because we can justify spending more for the special occasion. And for many this would be a seafood feast, perhaps with grilled river prawns, steamed crabs, or a fried big fish. All served with Thai seafood dipping sauce of course (can't have seafood without it!). With our family, if we want a seafood feast we just go out to a seafood restaurant because doing this at home is a heck of a lot of work!

For others this splurge meal is a Chinese feast with a Peking duck, a suckling pig and the works. Note: Chinese restaurants in Thailand are often expensive and fancy, and great for large groups.

But unlike the Thanksgiving turkey, there is no expectation that you should have seafood or Peking duck for this or that event. And on the flip side, people can have these feasts sans occasion anytime they want if they can afford it!

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Green Curry by @rosco_bossco; Char Siu BBQ Pork by @T2R4; Pork Leg Stew by @Flown87; Mexican Coffee Buns by @JustJimWillDo; Jelly Fruit Cake by Laura L; Son-In-Law Eggs by Zetty R.