Sawaddee May!

Yet another busy month has zoomed by! It's getting warmer here in Vancouver (am finally wearing shorts), but it seems to be getting a bit too hot in Thailand! Bangkok has hit a near record high temperature, so if you're there right now, don't forget to cool down with some cold drinks like...a Thai iced lime tea perhaps? :) 

News & Updates


• Book Depository ships my cookbook for FREE to anywhere in the world! HTK fans are spread out all over the world, and if you're not sure how to get my book delivered to your country, I discovered this great site Book Depository which will ship my cookbook for FREE no matter where in the world you are! 

• Take a Thai cooking class with me: I had a successful sold-out cooking class in April, and I've got another one coming up in West Vancouver on May 12th. If you're in the area, would love to see you! Check out details of the class here.

• Watch my live cooking segment on TV! Here's a fun little segment of me making one of the recipes from my cookbook, Spicy Seafood Salad, live on Canadian television with the fun hosts of Global TV! Watch the clip.

• Winner of the custom-made apron: Congratulations to Gavin Price from the UK who has received the reversible apron (pictured below) which I, ahem, sewed myself! Thank you everyone who preordered the book, I really hope you're learning lots from it!


April Videos

Thai tea creme brulee

Thai Tea Creme Brulee

If you love Thai tea, you will LOOOVVEE this one. Creamy custard with a crunchy crust, it's an epic combo of Thai and French flavours.

Honey soy ribs

Honey Soy Glazed Ribs ft. Colin of WoodWorkWeb

These are the BEST ribs ever!!! For this episode I'm joined by a Thai cooking virgin, and I'm showing him how to pull off some mean Thai ribs.

Hot Thai Chicken

Hot Thai Chicken!

You know that if I named something "Hot Thai Chicken", it has got to be pretty awesome. And it is! Try out this crispy, sweet, tart, sticky, yummy fried chicken!

mixed vegetables

Thai Mixed Veg: Pad Pak

Okay, after ribs and fried chicken above, we gotta be responsible and get some veggies on the table. Here's a classic, yummy veggie recipe that's a staple in any Thai home. 

vegan chocolate mousse

Tofu Chocolate Mousse

Don't let the word "tofu" stop you. This recipe has become my favourite to make when I need a delicious and decadent dessert in a snap. Not to mention it is vegan and gluten-free so I never have to worry about who's coming over!

Black pepper prawns

Black Pepper Prawns Ft. Fishing with Rod!

I'm starting this video not by prepping ingredients, but by catching my main ingredient straight from the ocean with my friend Rodney from fishingwithrod.com!


Throwback: A good ol' video to watch in May

Thai iced tea

Thai Iced Tea(cha yen)

Since it's getting hot, lets cool down with this iconic Thai bevvy! Want something more refreshing? Check out the Thai Lime Tea video below.

Thai lime iced tea

Thai Lime Tea(cha manao)

The milky Thai tea above is popular and delicious, but THIS is actually my favourite way to have Thai tea, especially when it's hot!


Interesting stuff you might enjoy...


• Is it still important to teach children how to cook? This article says that fewer and fewer young people know how to cook these days, especially when there are so many easy alternatives such as meal kits and takeouts. Do you think, given how easy it is to obtain food these days, it's important to teach children cooking skills? (I think you know what I think!)

• And on that same note...here's a celebrity chef who's trying to save Home Economics. Did you have a cooking class back in highschool? Does your country's public school curriculum include cooking? In Canada, "Foods and Nutrition" is an elective course that has become a solid part of the public school curriculum, and I'm happy to say that it is very popular for both boys and girls alike. But this isn't the case in every country, and chef Hugh Acheson from Top Chef is on a mission to changing that in the US. I'm very interested to know what things are like in your country when it comes to cooking classes in schools, get in touch and let me know!


April Fan Photos!

Absolutely stunning photos this month, I am super impressed! Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures, please keep them coming, I really enjoy receiving them! 

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