Sawaddee December!

It's almost 2017!!! Can you believe it? If you're looking for edible gift ideas this year, I've got a couple recipes coming up soon!

And if you're looking for a cute gift for yourself or loved ones, my Holiday Edition t-shirts are now selling, and they are available only for a few more days! Click link below for details. My brother Eddie, who is a talented artist (both my brothers are actually), has designed the most adorable shirt featuring the "rice bear". What is a rice bear you ask? Well he looks just like a polar bear but he lives in the tropics and loves spicy food! (No, he's not a real animal.)

P.S. I apologize for a double newsletter again...last month I was running around with so many things to do that I...uh...forgot to write it. Yup...I have no good excuse...I simply forgot. As a result, I've put "write newsletter" in my calendar :)

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Holiday Shirts!

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News & Updates

• has launched!  In order to keep my recipes organized and easier for you to find what you're looking for, I have launched a separate website for Pai's Kitchen! All my PK recipes will now live here, so check it out for delicious recipes outside of Thai cuisine!

• Another holiday gift idea: The Hot Thai Kitchen cookbook of course! Perfect for passionate cooks and Thai food lovers in your lives! You can order it from your local Amazon or from :) 


Latest Hot Thai Kitchen Videos

(Uploaded on Fridays)

turmeric chicken ไก่ต้มขมิ้น

Turmeric Chicken Soup 

This super easy, comforting chicken soup is full of wonderful aromas of traditional Thai herbs that truly represents simple home cooking from the south of Thailand. 

coconut poached bananas

Coconut-Poached Baby Bananas

This dish really embodies the spirit of rustic, simply Thai home cooking. A dish my grandmother always makes whenever our banana tree bore fruit because it's so simple and delicious!


Mushroon Wonton Soup 

This episode is sponsored by Campbell's who reached out to me with a challenge to develop a recipe that uses their new vegetarian mushroom broth. And this recipe I developed is a winner even for the most carnivorous among us!

jim-jum-Thai- hot-pot

Thai Hot Pot "Jim Jum"

Hot pot is always so much fun!! "Jim jum" is from the Northeast of Thailand that uses simple, staple ingredients in the Thai pantry. And it's YUM!


"Pan Eggs" Thai Breakfast

After being on a toast-and-cereal breakfast routine for forever, I desperately needed to find a new and delicious way to get breakfast ready in just a few minutes, and this is IT!

mee gati

Pink Noodles w/ Coconut Gravy

I call this incredibly delicious and beautiful dish the "creamy sister of pad thai." Pink-tinted rich noodles with a rich coconut gravy. It's one of my favourite noodle dishes of all time.


Son-in-Law Eggs

 One of the most popular dishes for kids in Thailand, and it was definitely mine! Boiled-then-fried eggs with sweet tamarind sauce and fried garlic and shallots. SO good. 


Pai's Kitchen Videos

Pai's Kitchen is my second show where I share with you delicious recipes that are outside of Thai cuisine. All recipes are now on!

Ginger Milk Pudding 

Ginger + Milk = Pudding. Seriously! It's an amazing science that produces a soft and silky soothing pudding!


Japanese Masago Spaghetti

It's a copycat recipe from a local Japanese-Italian restaurant here in Vancouver, and it's seriously my favourite spaghetti ever. Must try!! 

Chewy Gooey Cheese Puffs!

Recipe courtesy of Chef Natalia Machado, my Amazing Argentinian co-host on One World Kitchen. These are easy, gooey, cheesy, and addictive!


Throwback: Some HTK Holiday Recipes 

rice balls

Green Curry Rice Balls

Here's an appy recipe to WOW everyone at your next party! Turn a classic lunch of rice and curry into a fun finger food that's crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside!

fresh rolls sm

Fresh Tuna Spring Rolls 

Want something a little lighter and healthier for the party? Try these! They're super easy to make!


Spicy Kaffir Lime Cocktail

New Year's Eve party always calls for a good cocktail. And THIS is a really good one to take with you to 2017!


Interesting stuff you might enjoy...


• Sriracha Lexus. Yes, I'm talking about the car. I thought it was a joke but it's actually a real car! Check out the video here.  

• Do you know all of sugar's aliases? I've always thought it funny/sneaky that food manufacturers would list "evaporated cane juice" as an ingredient, because when you evaporate cane's not a juice anymore, it's just sugar! Here's a great little video with lots of tidbits about sugar and where it's hiding in your food under names you may not think of as sugar!


October & November Fan Photos!

Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures! I literally salivated looking at these! If you want to know which recipes any of these photos are, just ask me! 

Photo Credits: 

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