Sawaddee 2017/2560!

No, I'm not from the future, but according to the Thai calendar it is the year 2560! This is a great time of year to take some time to reflect upon the past and set goals for the future. I encourage you to look back and count all your blessings, accomplishments, and lessons learned and bring them with you into 2017. The rest, they can stay behind in 2016 :) 

On my end, I had quite the eventful 2016! Starting out with the launch of my cookbook, and I just learned from my publisher that it's going into reprint, yay! (Thank you everyone so much who has purchased it.) Then the launch of One World Kitchen Season 2, and the first full year of Pai's Kitchen! 

I also had a busy year with YouTube collaborations, starting with BKKfatty's charity visit in Bangkok, a great meal with Mark Wiens, going fishing for my ingredients with Rod, and teaching Colin from Wood Work Web how to cook Thai! 


News & Updates

• My First Live Stream! Thank you everyone who joined in, it was a lot of fun! I'm really sorry if I didn't get to your particular question, but there were so many that I had to focus on the ones that were related to the theme of “holiday cooking.” Here is the recording of it below, along with timestamps so you can forward to the parts that interest you, hope you can join in for the next one!

• AMA video. After posting the "Who is Pai" video telling you about my back story, many of you submitted followup questions. I put some of the questions in the video below! 

Pailin live stream

Live Q&A - Holiday Cooking Questions


Ask me anything

Ask Me Anything - Ep.1

As promised from the "My Story" video, here's the video to answer some of your questions about me!


Latest Hot Thai Kitchen Videos

(Uploaded on Fridays)

chicken cheese purses

Crispy Chicken & Cheese Purses

 The filling is tender chicken scented by citrusy coriander seeds, with a hidden surprise of creamy tangy cheese!


Baked Salt-Crusted Fish

Thai people love to eat fish whole! You'll often spot these salt-crusted fish being sold on the streets of Thailand, and here's a recipe that shows you how you can recreate it at home.

kanom ping

Tapioca Coconut Mini Cookies

If you've never had tapioca cookies before, it's a must-try experience! These little cookies have a crumbly texture similar to meringue cookies, but as you chew they turn into a creamy coconutty goodness in your mouth! 


Thai Chicken Biryani (kao mok gai)

In my previous "Top 5 Rice Dishes in Thailand" video, I took you all over Bangkok to explore the delicious, must-try rice dishes. This recipe was the first one on the list! 


Pai's Kitchen Videos

Pai's Kitchen is my second show where I share with you delicious recipes that are outside of Thai cuisine. All recipes are now on!

Date Truffles

A healthier treat! Sticky and sweet dates studded with nuts, dried fruit, and flavoured with chocolate! 


Sinigang (Filipino Tamarind Soup)

The classic filipino comfort food is easy, healthy and delicious. The ultimate dish for the winter!


Throwback: A good old recipe to make in January

Peanut dressing

Thai Salad with Peanut Dressing

For those of us who are, once again, trying to eat a little healthier this January. This peanut dressing is so good it will still feel like an indulgence!


Interesting stuff you might enjoy...


• Top Food Trends of 2016. Note how many Asian cuisines and ingredients made the list! 

• Do you put tomatoes in the fridge? The fridge to tomatoes are like sunlight to vampires. Well...perhaps not quite as dramatic, but here's why!


December Fan Photos!

Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures! I literally salivated looking at these! If you want to know which recipes any of these photos are, just ask me! 

Photo Credits: 

Aissa C, Alyssa G, Ani A, Chris J, Connor L, David D, Joy, Kris M, Mirko M, Ray D, Rico B, Robert M, Tinni V, @vivianne_tran_mua, @diyez12, @lettucefeast, @francescadbg, @happilybeing