Sawaddee October!

Welcome to the very first HTK Newsletter! I was so happy to see a TON of sign ups almost as soon as the announcement went out. (At one point I did dramatically think to myself..."What if nobody signs up?!?!?") Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think about the newsletter or if you have suggestions on what else you'd like to see!

September has been a bit of a crazy month on my end with lots of stuff happening, so that's a great place to start. Here goes!

News & Updates

• This month, I reached a big milestone of 100,000 YouTube subscribers! Thank you for all of your support through all these years, I know that many of you have been there from the very beginning, watching me in not-HD in my SF apartment :) And if you're a recent subscriber, welcome! I hope to see you all at 500,000 subs!

• You've probably heard, but The HTK Cookbook is ready for pre-orders! Simply log on to your local Amazon site and search for "Hot Thai Kitchen." Thank you to all who have pre-ordered, I know it's still a bit of a wait (trust me...I sympathize), but the pre-order numbers will help me get the book into physical bookstores, so I really appreciate your help!

• Some fans from Australia, NZ, and some European countries have said that their local Amazon only has the Kindle option of the cookbook available right now. I looked into it, and my publisher said you should have the option to order a hard copy once the book is released. Will keep you posted if anything changes!


September Videos

Behind the Scenes of Hot Thai Kitchen

Behind the Scenes of HTK

Hot Thai Kitchen has reached 100,000 subscribers! As a big THANK YOU to all of you, I'd like to invite you to come behind the scenes and see the making of each HTK video!

veg pad thai

Vegan Pad Thai

This yummy recipe is also known as "Pad Mee Korat" which is a local specialty of a town called "Korat" in the Northeast of Thailand. And Korat is also the hometown of my mom and my grandmother!

Toffee cake

Cashew Toffee Mocha Cake

This is an "insanely good" cake with crunchy, buttery, caramelly cashew crust on top of a moist, tender mocha cake. It's coffee, chocolate, butter and caramel all in one place...what could be better??

Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower with Five-Spice

Thanksgiving is coming and this would be the perfect side dish to your turkey! It might even outshine the turkey if you ask me! The best cauliflower recipe I've ever had, period.

five spice powder

My Five-Spice Powder Blend

This Chinese spice blend has become a part of Thai cuisine, and it is great in marinades, spice rubs, soups, sprinkled on fried chicken or on roasted veg like my roasted cauliflower recipe! 


Interesting stuff you might enjoy...

• CNN held yet another poll asking, "Which destination has the world's best food?" Did Thailand make top 5? Do you agree with the poll results? 

• 6 cooking myths busted. How many of these did you think were true? I totally believed in #6! Until now... 

• Awesome video by BuzzFeed about Coffee from Around the World. I was bummed that Thai coffee didn't make the list, but I guess they didn't need to make a video about that cuz I already made one right here!


September Fan Photos!

This is the most exciting part about the newsletter! Here are some of the beautiful food HTK fans have made this month! I am just stunned by how delicious these look! (Photo credits below)

If you've been hesitant or intimidated to start cooking Thai food, I hope you can see these photos and be inspired, and realize that it's really doable! Many have also taken my recipes and executed them in their own style, which really shows your confidence and creativity!

A big thanks to everyone who shared their photos on social media, I wish I could've shared them all! If you want your beautiful work to be featured in the next newsletter, please tag @hotthaikitchen on Instagram, Twitter, or post it to my Facebook page. If you send me photos in a private message, I will not include them in the newsletter.

Photo Credits: Papaya Salad with pickled crab and pla ra by @dereklucci; Tom Yum Noodle by @tuyetbang; Glass Noodle Salad by @drlammy;Bananas Foster by @Biziboy_;Red Curry by @priyankabankapur; Mango & Sticky Rice by Tracy Lee; Black sticky rice, Mango and Som Tum dressing by Robert Mishaan; Pad Thai by Richard Lee; Chicken & Kale Fried Rice by @edlynskitchen; Cashew Chicken by Quan Nghiem; Papaya salad with pea eggplant and salted duck eggs by Dino Zelenika; Vegan Pad Thai by @Ian71554; Mocha Toffee Cake by Matt Dick;Boat Noodles by @faiezazman; Mango Coconut Jelly by Lee Choe Leong; Erin Carmichael from England had lots of fun at the Asian grocer and bought essentially everything I've ever used on my show! Love it!