Sawaddee November!

It's only my second newsletter, and I am already really enjoying writing these! It somehow feels more personal and intimate, like writing a letter to a friend. :) Big news coming up today, are you ready? Let's go!

News & Updates

• Announcing New Show: Pai's Kitchen! I'm so excited this is finally happening! I will release a video announcement soon with more details, but I wanted you guys to be the first to hear about it. 
     I've been sharing Thai recipes with you for more than 5 years now, with over 200 videos dedicated to Thai food! Recently, many people have been asking me about my other non-Thai dishes, and I LOVED hearing that because I have so many delicious recipes that I would love to share with you that are not Thai, but until now, I didn't have any "place" to share them with you.
     So I'm launching a second show, "Pai's Kitchen," on the same YouTube channel (PailinsKitchen), where I will share with you everything food-related that is outside the scope of Thai cuisine. The exciting thing is that the show will also include more than just recipes! More details to come on that :)
    Now, before you panic, Hot Thai Kitchen isn't going anywhere! Thai food is in my blood so I won't ever stop cooking and sharing it. I'm simply creating a new space so I can share more of my passion with you. This also opens the door for me to bring on other experts, like my Japanese chef friend, Hana, to share new recipes and ideas with us :)
     The show will start off slow, with 1 episode every 3-4 weeks to start, and we'll see how you guys like them and go from there! You'll be seeing the first episode in the next couple of weeks.
     Pai's Kitchen is open for requests! If you have any requests for dishes that are not Thai (Asian, Western, bakery...anything!), please send them my way and I'll share my version with you. Also, if you have ideas for non-cooking videos for Pai's Kitchen (product tasting, vlogging...etc.) please let me know as well!

• "What's that [ingredient/tool] you use in your videos? And where can I get it?" I get asked this question a lot! With so much demand, I thought it would be helpful for you to see all the stuff I use on the show listed in one place. So, I created a kind of a virtual store on the website just for that! These are products that are listed on Amazon.com, and I simply consolidated them all onto my website, with my personal notes for each of the item, so you can browse both ingredients and equipment that you may have seen on the show and wondered about! It's a work in progress (takes much longer than I thought to add these things!) so please check out the page and let me know if I missed anything! If you're on the website, you can get to the page by clicking "Shop" and then "Thai Ingredients and Tools" on the top menu bar. 

• I'm going to Thailand! What do you want to see? It's that wonderful time of year again when I get to go home and see my family! I'm leaving at the end of November for about 3 weeks. As always, when I'm there, I try to film interesting things to share with you, so if you have any requests about what kind of videos you'd like to see from Thailand, let me know! To refresh your memory, here are all the Thailand videos I've done in the past. This is also a very special trip because my cousin is getting married, and for this occasion, all of my 10 cousins, who are now spread out all over the world, are going to be there. It'll be the first time in 25 years that we're together in one place!


October Videos

Corn fritters

Corn Fritters

These vegan corn fritters are boosted with coconut and jalapenos. They're crisp, delicious, addictive AND the batter can be made up to 2 days in advance!

Agar agar

Agar Agar FAQ

  My Mango Coconut Jelly Cubes recipe was a really big hit, but many people had questions about the agar agar itself. So here's a video to hopefully answer all your questions including: What it is, where to find it, how to use it, and other useful tips!


Sriracha Hot Sauce

You'll never need to buy another bottle of Sriracha again! It's easy, quick, and in my opinion it's way tastier than the store bought stuff. (Yes, it's even better than the original Thai Sriracha!) 

Tom Yum Fried Rice

Tom Yum Fried Rice

If you love Tom Yum Goong, you are going to loooovvvveeeee this dish! All the beloved flavours of lemongrass, lime and Thai chili paste are concentrated into this fried rice, and made perfect by a Thai-style fried egg. YUM! 

Pad see ew new sm

Pad See Ew

It's what I call Thai fast food! This deliciously chewy pan-fried rice noodles is a popular street food in Thailand, and it's super easy to whip up at home!

Beef stew

Thai Beef Stew

A flavourful beef stew that won't leave you feeling heavy at the end of the meal! The super tender beef is stewed in a broth infused with lots of herbs and spices. If you've got a slow cooker or a crockpot, this is the perfect recipe for it!


Throwback: A good ol' recipe to make in November

Jonathan V. from France suggested that I make a recommendation for pairing a Thai recipe with the season, so I got the idea to highlight one of my older recipes that I love to have for the current weather, at least in my part of the world!

Yellow Curry

Yellow Curry

It's getting cold and rainy out here, the perfect time for this rich yellow curry with tender-braised chicken, potato, and sweet succulent onions!

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Interesting stuff you might enjoy...

• What to eat in Bangkok! An American living in Bangkok who blogs under the name BKK Fatty has written a fantastic guide to eating in Bangkok. This is better than my suggestions can ever be cuz quite honestly I am a bit out of touch since I only go home once a year. Here's a guy who lives and eats Bangkok everyday!

• How does spicy food work? When you eat a spicy Thai dish, what's actually happening at the physiological level? Here's a fun TedEd video to answer that question!

• If there is a "hipster culture" where you live, you will find this hilarious! This is a parodic template for writing a review of a new hipster bar opening in town.  

• What is "ethnic food"? This reporter from the Washington Post explains whey she thinks we should stop using the term "ethnic food," and the article got quite the angry reaction from readers! What do you all think?


October Fan Photos!

Here it is again my favourite part! The hardest thing about this is not being able to include every photo that was posted! Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures, please keep them coming, it makes me so happy to receive them. I hope you are as inspired by these as I am! (Photo credits below)

Photo Credits: Honey Roasted Pork by Trevor Finn; Corn Fritters by Isaac Kingi; Caramel Custard Cake by Jennilyn Gutierrez; Corn Fritters by Kay Begley; Pad See Ew by Mimi So; Thai Tea Ice Cream by Richard Lee; Five Spice Cauliflower by Robert Mishaan; Tamarind Shrimps by Sucheera Cottrell;  Pad Kee Mao by Glenn Reed; Pad See Ew by Jon M.; Mocha Toffee Cake by @Wongerkat; Pad See Ew by Ian Wong; Pineapple Fried Rice by Le Phuc; Tom Ka Clams by @adiewaridi; Mango Coconut Agar Agar by @jessieq2811; Kao Ka Moo by Chance Miller; Tom Yum Fried Rice by @Biziboy_