Sawaddee February!

Wow! Can you believe it's February 2016? Whatever resolutions you made for this new year, I hope it's still going strong! I'm once again back to my eat-more-vegetable resolution, so working on some good veggie-full recipes to share with you all! I am now back in the cold and rainy Vancouver, but my trip to Thailand was so much fun and I hope you enjoyed all the videos that came out of it! Some very special videos this month, with very special guests (Mark Wiens!); and if you missed them, they're all here! 

News & Updates


• Meet me in VANCOUVER, CANADA! My publisher and I are planning a book launch event in Vancouver. The launch is going to be a small, intimate event at a bookstore, but I would LOVE it if I can meet a few of my fans at this party! I know the vast majority of you guys are all over the world, but if you are in the Vancouver area, and you would like to be invited to this book launch, please get in touch with me here! I can't promise that there'll be enough space for everyone as the venue isn't large, but if there is a limit, I will send invitations on a first-come-first-served basis :)

• Gifts for Everyone who Pre-Ordered: The release date of my cookbook, March 8th 2016, is just one month away. And with so many people pre-ordering the book, I wanted to thank you all for the support with a special gift! I have 2 exclusive bonus recipes (not in the book nor on YouTube!) for everyone who pre-orders. You will also be automatically entered to win an apron that I, ahem, will sew specifically for you! (And if you know me...that is a big deal!) In case you're wondering why pre-ordering matters (cuz I wondered the same thing), it's because pre-order numbers will help us get the book into physical bookstores, so I really appreciate your support on this one!

preorder announcement

January Videos

Mark Wiens and Pai

Eating & Chatting with Mark Wiens!!

I met up with the amazing Mark Wiens of Migrationology! In this video I interview Mark about his life as a Thai food video blogger over some delicious Isaan food!


Mark Wiens steamed fish

Steamed Fish w/ Lime with Mark Wiens 

Mark was a guest on my show, and I was a guest in his! In this video we made a NEW and IMPROVED recipe for one of my all-time-most-popular dish on Hot Thai Kitchen!


Thai desserts

Special: Thai Desserts!

How many Thai desserts have you tried? In this video, I show you the amazing world of tantalizing Thai desserts beyond mango and sticky rice! Join me at a weekend market in Bangkok and let's explore the fantastic world of Thai sweets!


Courageous Kitchen

Caring & Cooking: Courageous Kitchen!

A look into a lesser known side of Bangkok. Meet Dwight, a food blogger who founded an amazing charity that supports refugee children through cooking classes and nutritious meals.


Coconut Milk

How to Make Fresh Coconut Milk

When I was a kid, I used to make coconut milk fresh all the time. Here's a nostalgic video that shows you how coconut milk is actually made from the fresh coconut!


Pad Gaprao

Pad Gaprao Chicken Holy Basil Stir-fry

This popular Thai dish has many English spellings: Pad Kra Pao, Pad Ka Prao, Pad Ka Pow... But they all point to this same delicious, rustic, spicy stir-fry featuring the aroma of holy basil. 


small kitchen tools

My 5 Favourite Small Tools

In this video I'm sharing with you some of my most loved kitchen tools! They're super useful tools that are small, easy to store, easy to find, and inexpensive!


Throwback: A good ol' video to watch in February

Top 5 noodles

Top 5 Thai Noodle Soups!

Since we're watching lots of videos from Thailand, let's go back and take a look at one I made a couple of years ago! Noodle soup is also an appropriate topic for the crazy cold weather many of us are having, don't you think? 


Interesting stuff you might enjoy...

• Thai street food that will cost you fine-dining prices. But it might be worth it. Check out this article from Lucky Peach to find out about how this aunty has worked all her life to achieve this famed restaurant!

• No food is "healthy." I really enjoyed this article from the Washington Post because it points out a very good point about the difference between "healthy" and "nutritious" foods. 

• Do you usually order pizza delivery? If so, you may want to eat in more often! The FDA has  found that some food packaging materials, including pizza boxes, contain toxic chemicals that have now been banned.


January Fan Photos!

As always, beautiful work guys! Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures, please keep them coming, I really enjoy receiving them! P.S. If you would like your photos to be included in the newsletter, it is better to send them via social media (post to the HTK Facebook or tag me on Instagram). If you send them via email, it can easily get lost among the piles of emails!

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