Sawaddee April!

This month has just been an absolute whirlwind! Along with the usual video filming/editing work, my cookbook was released this month and so I've been busy with interviews, TV cooking demos, and other events associated with the book launch.

Reviews and feedback from readers have been fantastic. I am so glad, and even relieved, that Hot Thai Kitchen fans are loving the book because after all, I wrote it for you! In writing this book, I wanted take readers on a journey that explores Thai cuisine in more depth and details than my YouTube videos can, and I am so happy to know that people are enjoying the trip! 

News & Updates


• Take a Thai cooking class with me! This Sunday April 3rd, I'll be teaching a Thai cooking class at Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks in Vancouver. It's a demo class, so you'll get to relax with a (Thai) beer, watch me cook, ask me any questions while I cook, and then enjoy the food! You'll also receive a signed copy of my cookbook, included with the price of the class (if you already have one, it'll make a great mother's day gift!). Space is very limited, so sign up quick if you're interested! Get all the details here.

• Comprehensive cookbook review: If you haven't bought the Hot Thai Kitchen cookbook and you'd like to know more about what it has to offer, check out this review by Jenny Hartin of Tastebook.com. She has done a great job at describing what you can expect from the book, and also gives you a cookbook-exclusive recipe as well!

• Live cooking demos on TV: I've been on a "media tour" in Canada and I did a few live cooking demos on TV which was a ton of fun! If you missed them, here they all are: Eggplant Thai Basil Stir-Fry on Canada AM, Tom Yum Soup with Young Coconut on BT Vancouver, and Tom Ka Gai on CTB Morning Live Vancouver. A big thanks to my publisher, Appetite by Random House, who set all this fun stuff up for me!

•  Signed copies of the book in Toronto: During my trip to Toronto, I went to sign some stock at Indigo bookstores, so if you're looking for signed copies and are in the area, they are now available at Indigo Eaton Centre, Young & Eglinton, and Bay & Bloor.


March Videos

Jasmine rice

How to Cook Jasmine Rice without a Rice Cooker

After several requests, it's time to go back to the basics and talk about tips and tricks for cooking the perfect rice stove-top!

pad macaroni

Thai-Style Pasta "Pad Macaroni"

This recipe, though it uses many Western ingredients, is unique to Thailand and has been with Thai people for many decades. This interpretation of Western cuisine quickly became a staple dish for many Thai families because it's so delicious and easy. 

Homemade Soy Milk นำ้เต้าหู้

Homemade Soy Milk นำ้เต้าหู้

Here's how to make your own fresh soy milk and how to serve it for breakfast the way Thai people do! 


Pandan Coconut Custard "Fondue" 

This is a dessert you can often find on the streets of Thailand. It's a warm, creamy, custardy dip for bread made from coconut milk and pandan leaves. 

Lettuce wrap sm

Chicken Lettuce Wrap

An easy and fun appetizer, this recipe is inspired by the lettuce wrap I get in Chinese restaurants that is made from the meat of Peking duck. With five-spice powder, crunchy water chestnuts and crisp iceberg lettuce, it was an instant hit! 


Throwback: A good ol' video to watch in April

Pad Kee Mao

Drunken Noodles(pad kee mao)

I was recently reminiscing the old days when I used to have just one camera following me around the kitchen, and can't help but be amazed at what we've done since then. So here's a video of a classically delicious recipe from back in those days!


Interesting stuff you might enjoy...


• Can chefs become an expert in a cuisine that's not their own?  If I wasn't Thai, would you have as much trust in the authenticity of what I do? Rick Bayless, an American chef who specializes in Mexican cuisine faces this question often, and here's what he has to say. P.S. Two of the best Thai restaurants I've been to outside of Thailand both have chefs who are not Thai!

• You like Thai food, but what about Thai music? Here's an article about a genre of music called "molam" that is considered to be "country music" listened to by taxi drivers and people in rural Thailand. According to this article, it seems to be having a "global renaissance".

• Have you heard of coffee naps? If you get tired in the afternoon but don't want to nap because you don't want to wake up groggy, this "coffee nap" trick might be helpful!


March Fan Photos!

Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures, please keep them coming, I really enjoy receiving them! 

Photo Credits: 

Black sticky rice sundae by Aron T; Pad Macaroni by Calvin W; Shrimp paste fried rice by Sochaeta Nina; Tom Ka Gai by Dangfun P; Tom Yum Gai by Erhan C; Salad Kaeg by Love is in my Tummy; Pad Prik King by Ngoc L; Goong Ob Woon Sen by Panjanit C; Pad Macaroni by Richard L; Pad Macaroni by Shafinaz R; Tom Yum Gai by Simon D; Mixed Mushroom & Mint Salad by Simon P.