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BIG NEWS!! Many of you may know that I’ve been working on my cookbook for quite some time, and I have an exciting update on it!

I had originally planned on self-publishing and selling the books just through my website, but it turns out that Appetite, a food and lifestyle imprint of Random House of Canada, is going to publish it!

This means that the pros are going to get involved and the book will have better content and will be a more beautiful product in the end. This also means that you’ll see the book online AND in bookstores, and it’ll have a much wider international distribution!

Since it’s going to go through the process of refining, editing and polishing by the pros, the release date will be delayed, but I will keep you guys posted on the status and when you can expect to get your hands on one.

I’ve been dying to tell you all the update cuz many people have been asking, and finally just got the green light to announce it. Thank you sooo much for all your never-ending support, it is because of you guys that this book is possible

Cookbook on it’s way!