Food Judging at World’s Biggest Cultural Festival!

I was so fortunate and honoured to be a guest FOOD JUDGE at the Edmonton Heritage Festival 2017! Watch the video to find out who won! The work entailed driving around in a golf cart eating food from all over the world…so awesome. This is the world’s biggest multicultural festival celebrating food, art and culture with over 100 different cultures!

I think it’s an event worth traveling to if you live in Canada or the US, and here are some useful info:

  • The festival spans 3 days over August long weekend every year in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You can check out their website at
  • Go EARLY! The place gets crazy long lineups if you wait till lunch time/afternoon, so I would go as soon as it opens especially if it’s a nice day!
  • It rained on a couple of the days this year, so check the forecast. But, if you go after the rain has just finished, you won’t have to deal with long lineups.
  • The festival is only accessible by bus, walking or biking. There are taxi stands, but no parking, no driving!
  • If you’ve got a limited amount of time there, plan which countries you want to visit and mark it on your map because it’s huge.

Our fellow food judges: Hana Etsuko Dethlefsen and Natalia Machado, my co-hosts on the Canadian TV show One World Kitchen. Phil Wilson the most well known food blogger in Edmonton! Find him at Canadian minister of infrastructure and communities, Amarjeet Sohi and his wife Sarbjeet. Andrew Knack, Edmonton city counsellor.

Special Thanks to the Heritage Festival Association for the invitation and a warm welcome!


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