Special Prize for all who Pre-Ordered my Cookbook!

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I am sincerely touched by all the people who have pre-ordered my cookbook! So to show my appreciation for your support, I have something very very special for you! Once you’ve pre-ordered the book, you’ll get to download 2 EXCLUSIVE bonus recipes that I developed specially for this occasion! That means these recipes are not in the book and will not be on the YouTube channel, and let me tell you that they are really personally meaningful recipes for me.

ALSO, once you’ve downloaded your free bonus recipes, you’ll be automatically entered to win an apron which I will personally sew for you! Watch the video to see a sample of this awesome, reversible apron (with pockets!).

Once you’ve ordered the book, download your exclusive recipes here: penguinrandomhouse.ca/hot-thai-kitchen-preorder

To pre-order the book: http://amzn.com/0449017052 (Be sure to order from your local Amazon site for lowest shipping costs.) If you’re in Canada, pre-order the book here for more options: http://penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/258501/hot-thai-kitchen#9780449017050