Pai, what’s that ingredient/tool you use on your show, and where can I get it?

This is a question I get a lot! So I decided to curate an Amazon list of ingredients and equipment that I use in one place. This way you can buy them directly from there if you want, or simply use it as a reference page 🙂

CLICK HERE to See Stuff I Use!


How I picked these products:

  • I’m not personally endorsing these sellers and have never bought from most of them, so if you find the same products sold by someone else that you think is a better fit for you, that’s totally fine!
  • Most of these are products I actually use, but I’ve also added a few cool things on here that I’ve never used but wish I had! I’ll indicate those in the descriptions.
  • I tried to pick the seller that ships internationally whenever possible.
  • I tried to choose product sizes that are reasonable for home use whenever possible, but this can be tricky for some food items.
  • If you find a product is no longer available, let me know and I’ll try to find another seller for it!