Pai, what’s that ingredient/tool you use on your show, and where can I get it? This is a question I get a lot! So I decided to curate a list of ingredients and equipment that I use in one place! I sifted through a lot of products on Amazon, and I’ve put them all together on this page so you can conveniently buy them right from here if you want to. Or you can also use this page as a reference so when you go to your local store, you know exactly what to look for. The store is a work in progress, and I will continue to add to it as more things come to mind, so please let me know if there are products I missed that you want to see listed here! A few notes on how I chose these products/sellers:

  • I tried to pick the seller that ships internationally whenever possible.
  • I tried to choose product sizes that are reasonable for home use whenever possible.
  • I’m not personally endorsing these sellers and have never bought from most of these guys, so if you find the same products sold by someone else that you think is a better fit for you, that’s totally fine!
  • Most of these are products I actually use, but I’ve also added a few cool things on here that I’ve never used but wish I had! I’ll indicate those in the descriptions.
  • Note: You can choose to either see ingredients or equipment on the left hand side!