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Our mission at Hot Thai Kitchen and Pai’s Kitchen is to educate, inspire and empower people to cook their own meals at home. The joy and pride you get from making your favourite Thai dish you didn’t think you could have without going to Thailand or a Thai restaurant? Yes, that’s what we’re going for 🙂

If you have found value in what we do, and you would like to help support our production, we thank you very much, and it’s very easy to do:

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Your kind contribution will help ensure that I can keep on producing the show for your enjoyment and learning. It will help us with costs of running the show such as buying ingredients, cookware, filming equipment, hiring help, and growing the show!

Other ways to help: If Patreon is not for you for any reason, you can also support us by purchasing my cookbook or one of my cool merchandise! 

Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Kob Kun Ka!