How to Clean and Prepare a Whole Squid

A Whole Squid is Easily Deconstructed

If you like to eat squid but have not cooked much with it because the idea of breaking down a whole squid seems intimidating, well this video is all you need! It’s really not hard…and in fact, once you see it, it’s almost as if squids were made for simple disassembly. Each part comes apart distinctly, easily, and intuitively. Nothing like filleting a fish, trust me.

Want a delicious Thai recipe that uses squid? Check out my Dry Tom Yum recipe here. This recipe uses a mix of seafood, but you can totally do all squid if you like.

P.S. I buy my whole squid from the seafood counter at an Asian grocery store.

Like squid but don't know how to break down a whole squid? It's super easy, this video is all you need! #squid
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