HTK Merch – Shirts & Aprons!

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The official Hot Thai Kitchen merch store has launched! I’m super excited to be launching the “Tom Yum Gang” shirt and apron, and also to be bringing back the classic “Life is Short, Eat Thai Food” shirt! I’m launching the store with with helps with merchandise for YouTubers.

The video above talks about the shirts in more details but please note that the pre-order sale mentioned in the video has finished.

If you love Thai food, and want to wear it loud and proud with fun and stylish t-shirts or aprons, be sure to check these out. And yes, shirts and aprons do ship worldwide 🙂


When you order a shirt/apron, you are supporting the show, and for that we thank you very much! 

For other ways to support the show, consider becoming a Patreon supporter and gain access to exclusive content and other perks!





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