BONUS EPISODE: Tips for Eating in France!

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Bonus episode! I recently went on a “babymoon” to France with my husband Craig, and instead of filming the usual “travel vlog”, I compiled a list of tips for eating in France, of course with some footage and photos to share as well. Obviously I’m not an expert as I only went there once, but I did do a LOT of research prior to going (and I do speak some French) so I hope that if you make it to France one day this will be helpful for you!

Extra resources: I listened to the podcast “Join Us in France” and learned a lot from these ladies prior to my trip. If you’re planning a trip there, I highly recommend it!

Here are details on some of the places we went, most of these were shown in the video, and my brief yay/nay on them:


  • Aparthotel we stayed at: Citadines Saint Germain des Pres (very good)
  • Farmer’s market we went to: Raspail Farmer’s Market (Open Sundays 1am-2pm, excellent little market! There’s a nice lady selling homemade jam and you can taste them all before buying. The cheesemonger shown in the video was SUPER nice.)
  • Restaurant where I had coq au vin: A La Biche au Bois (excellent place, especially for classic, old-school French dishes!)
  • Restaurant where I had the “bulot”: Briezh Cafe (very good Breton crepe place, the crepe suzette was crazy good.)
  • Restaurant where I had pot-au-feu: La Bourse et La Vie (was okay…not bad but I wouldn’t go again)


  • Restaurant where I had quenelle: Daniel & Denise Saint Jean (traditional “bouchon Lyonnaise,” food was a little too rich for me, but overall a very good place)
  • 3 Michelin Star restaurant experience: Paul Bocuse (highly recommended, best meal of my life!)
  • Farmer’s market by the Saone river (we stumbled upon this small market by accident…no idea what days they’re open, but we went on Saturday)
  • Hotel we stayed at: Hotel Mercure Plaza la Republique (I don’t recommend this one.)
  • Great breakfast place. So good we went twice! Pimprenelle
  • MUST GO: Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. It’s an indoor food market that’s absolute foodie heaven! The finest selections of French food and ingredients: meats, charcuterie, cheese, wine, pastries, prepared food, restaurants…omg I could’ve stayed there all day.


  • Hotel we stayed at: Adagio Aparthotel Aix-En-Provence (very good place, recommended)
  • Aix farmer’s market, we were there on Sunday, but not sure if they open on other days too. (There’s a wonderful man selling Provence lavender products made by his mother. I bought a bunch and they smell amazing!!)
  • Cute breakfast place, the one that serves “bread with croissants” in the video: “La Petit Réserve” (so cute, recommended)

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