Thai Language Lesson – Food Words

NOTE: I know I said the words only once cuz there are many to get through, but you can press the back arrow to replay the last 5 seconds to hear them again! Or on mobile, tap the left side of the screen twice to replay the last 10 seconds.

How do you say “vegetarian” in Thai? What about “I’m allergic to peanuts.” Or “Not spicy” or just “Can I have some ice/coffee/beer”?

Thai food terms will help you not only in Thailand, but also when you read a Thai menu in Thai restaurants! Knowing these words will allow you to know about the dish based simply on the name.

Make sure you check out PART 1 of this series so you know the basics of Thai language before you dive into this one, it will help you with pronunciation and understanding. Also check out PART 2 where I teach you phrases for using in a restaurant, or when buying food from a street vendor.


Please see my Thai Language Basics video first and it’ll make this lesson make more sense!


Chicken     gai      ไก่
Pork     moo         หมู
Beef     neua        เนื้อ
Duck     bped       เป็ด
Eggs     kai           ไข่


Shrimp     goong, gung, kung      กุ้ง
Fish     pla, bpla      ปลา
Seafood     ahaan talay     อาหารทะเล (when used as a noun, as in “I want some seafood”);
talay     ทะเล      (when used as an adjective, as in “seafood soup”)
Squid     pla meuk      ปลาหมึก
Bivalve shellfish     hoi      หอย
(This is a general term for things like mussels, clams, oysters, scallops and cockles)


Tofu       taohu        เต้าหู้
Vegetables      pak        ผัก
Nuts      tua       ถั่ว
(can also refer to all legumes such as beans)

Peanuts      tualisong      ถั่วลิสง
Cashews       med mamuang himapan   เม็ดมะม่วงหิมพานต์  (or just med mamuang for short)
Vegetarian       mangsawirat       มังสวิรัติ
(general term, some people who eat mangsawirat eat eggs, some eat dairy, some are basically vegan, so the term itself isn’t specific, but there will definitely be no meat if you get something that is mangsawirat)
Vegan      Jay      เจ
(this doesn’t actually mean vegan, it’s a specific way of eating that means no animal products and also pungent herbs like garlic, onion or chives. But if you’re very concerned and want to make sure there is absolutely nothing in there that might be animal based, this might be a good term to use.)


Stir-Fry     Pad      ผัด
Soup     Tom      ต้ม
Curry     Gaeng      แกง
Steamed      Neung       นึ่ง
Deep fried       Tod       ทอด
Grilled (big pieces of meat)    Yang       ย่าง
Grilled (skewers or smaller things like bananas)      Ping       ปิ้ง 


Chilies      prik      พริก
Spicy      ped       เผ็ด
Very spicy     ped ped    เผ็ดๆ    or     ped mak     เผ็ดมาก
A little bit spicy     ped nid noi      เผ็ดนิดหน่อย
Not spicy   mai ped      ไม่เผ็ด


Water      nam plao      นำ้เปล่า
Ice      nam kang       นำ้แข็ง
Coffee     gafae        กาแฟ
Tea      Cha/nam cha       ชา / นำ้ชา
Iced drinks      Yen      เย็น
(so gafae yen is iced coffee)

Hot       Ron      ร้อน
Beer       Bia       เบียร์


To ask for something       Kaw       ขอ
Sentence structure: Kaw [the thing you’re asking for] [polite suffix]
E.g. Kaw nam plao ka (can I have a water please); or add an amount Kaw nam kang 3 krub (3 glasses of ice please)
You can also use the same word to request your dish to be made in a specific way
E.g. Kaw ped ped ka (make it very spicy please)

Please don’t add       Mai sai       ไม่ใส่
Sentence structure: Mai sai [the thing you don’t want] [polite suffix]
E.g. Mai sai kai krub (no eggs please), mai sai prik ka (no chilies please)

Allergic       pae      แพ้

I am allergic to …
chun pae      ฉันแพ้ …  (female speaker)
pom pae       
ผมแพ้ …  (male speaker)

**If you want a Thai writing that says “I’m allergic to _____” so you can show people in Thailand, feel free to copy/paste the above “I’m allergic to” followed by any of the food items listed here.

I’m allergic to nuts
Chun pae tua          ฉันแพ้ถั่ว   (female)
Pom pae tua           
ผมแพ้ถั่ว   (male)

I’m allergic to shrimp
Chun pae goong     ฉันแพ้กุ้ง
Pom pae goong     



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