(Ground Beef + Massaman Curry) x 3 Recipes!

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When Canada Beef asked me to come up with a Thai inspired recipe that would be the perfect flavour match with ground beef, I immediately thought about curry flavoured burgers. But then after some more thoughts, a Thai meatloaf also sounded like a great idea…and while we’re at it, how about Thai meatballs, too? Since all these ideas sounded so enticing, we decided to do them all, especially since all three recipes have almost identical ingredient lists and similar processes. So once you’ve done the shopping for one, you can also make the others while you’re at it!

The Perfect Meat for Massaman

One of my favourite ways to eat beef is in a massaman curry. The robust flavour of beef can really stand up to all the spices and herbs in massaman, which is one of the richest curries we have. So not surprisingly, in Thailand, massaman and beef are a classic pairing. Massaman curry is also one of the most famous Thai dishes that’s known around the world, it was even voted “world’s most delicious food” by a CNN poll a few years back!

Irreplaceable Beef Recipes

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Massaman Curry Burgers, Meatballs and Meatloaf!