Sawaddee December!

Wow, can you believe 2016 is only a month away?? This past month has a been a lot of fun with the debut of my second show Pai's Kitchen, and that has also made me quite a bit busier! The weather has been getting real cold real quickly here in Vancouver, so if it's also cold where you are, remember to stay warm with some spicy Thai food! 

News & Updates

• Cookbook Pre-Order Surprise: Last I checked, the Hot Thai Kitchen cookbook is a #1New Release on Amazon because of all of your pre-orders! As a thank you to all of you, I have a treat planned for everyone who pre-orders the book, and I am working with my publisher to get it all organized, details to come in the new year, so stay tuned! 

• Pai's Kitchen has launched! My second show, Pai's Kitchen, launched this month! If you missed the announcement and don't know what Pai's Kitchen (PK) is all about, you can watch the announcement video below, but in short, it's a new place for me to share with you recipes and other food-related things that are outside the scope of Thai cuisine. We kicked off with a seasonal recipe, pumpkin pie, followed by a Japanese recipe with a special guest. I would love to hear what else you'd like to see on Pai's Kitchen so keep the requests coming!  

• I'm going to Thailand! What do you want to see? I will be counting down to 2016 with my friends and family in Thailand this year! Let me know what kinds of videos you'd like to see from Thailand, and remember to check out all the Thailand videos I've done in the past.

• Have you checked out the HTK Grocery Map lately? Quite a while ago we launched a project on the website that we weren't sure was going to work: a map that allows people to share with others where they go to shop for Thai ingredients. I looked at it the other day, and it is AMAZING how many stores we have on there! If you haven't seen it, check it out right here, and if your store isn't already there, please add it so you can help others in your area find ingredients they need to cook delicious Thai food!


November Videos

Pai's Kitchen

News: Pai's Kitchen!

I am so happy to announce my second show "Pai's Kitchen" where I will share with you all things yummy that is outside the scope of Thai cuisine.

Curry Puffs

Easy Chicken Curry Puffs 

This recipe is an easy version of the classic curry puffs, but I can guarantee that it's just as delicious! These are basically little Thai-style samosas!

Pumpkin pie

White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie 

First episode of Pai's Kitchen! This pumpkin pie is nothing like you've every seen, light and fluffy, yet creamy with melty bits of white chocolate all throughout, scented with citrus and topped with crunchy candied pecans.

pie crust

Easy Pie Crust - Pâte Brisée

This pie crust is my favourite one to make because: I don't need to keep the butter cold, I don't need to worry about over-working the dough, I don't need a food processor or any other tools, and all I need are my hands and a clean counter top! 

Tom Kloang

Tom Kloang

Here's a delicious way to "Thai-up" your leftover meat, whether it's your Thanksgiving turkey or weeknight rotisserie chicken! Tom Kloang, or the smokey sister of Tom Yum, is an easy and healthy soup that's a staple in many households in Thailand. 

Goong ob woonsen

Ginger Shrimp & Glass Noodles

This is something I always order without fail whenever we go to a seafood restaurant in Thailand! Glass noodles and shrimp are cooked together in a pot with lots of ginger, garlic and pepper. It's such a classic! 


SPECIAL: Onigiri with Hana!

This is a must-watch! My amazing Japanese chef-friend Hana is here to teach us a fail-proof way to make the quintessential Japanese lunch box item: Onigiri. So much great info on Japanese ingredients, and we had so much fun filming!


Throwback: A good ol' recipe to make in December

Spring Rolls

Crispy Spring Rolls

December is the time to entertain, and these classic spring rolls are THE perfect party food. They can be made in advance and even kept frozen, so all you have to do on party day is fry them up!


Interesting stuff you might enjoy...

• The pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce by Malcolm Gladwell. This is a brilliant TED talk that I still enjoy every time I watch it. Malcolm Gladwell talks about what the food industry does to try to give us what we want, how we don't actually know what we want, and the great diversity of food preferences among all of us! 

• Do you like to use food apps? These are some of the food apps that Mashable thinks are awesome for foodies. If you use a food app, which one is your favourite?

• Would you turn your home into a restaurant? There is a new wave of Airbnb-style service where people are turning their homes into a restaurant that serves strangers. And some chefs are upset about it!  

• Do people prefer more expensive wine?  When you buy a pricey bottle of wine, do you always prefer it to the cheaper one? Here is a great video that talks about just that!


November Fan Photos!

 Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures, please keep them coming! I got such a great variety of stuff this month, but Tom Yum Fried Rice seems to be quite a hit! If your photo didn't make it into the newsletter, please don't be discouraged! There simply were too many to include them all!  (Photo credits below)

Photo Credits: Five-Spice Cauliflower by @kingston_maclee; Shrimp Paste Fried Rice by Angkortham B.; Sriracha Hot Sauce by Artitaya A.; Curry Puffs by Jeans S.; Tom Yum Fried Rice by Michael B.; Wonton Soup by Mingson J.; Goong Ob Woonsen by Paj X.;  Fried bananas by @ppaulina_tan; White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie by Sophia L.; Pad See Ew by Anthony P.; Shrimp Paste Fried Rice by Roshan R.; Tom Yum Fried Rice by Steve M.; Red Curry by Michael S.; Tom Yum Fried Rice by @steve_tenorio; Goong Ob Woonsen by @nenayabut; Caramel custard cake by @Biziboy_; Steamed Fish with Lime by Robert T.